A Recap of The Most Epic Wedding at Crystal Plaza

In August we provided the entertainment (DJ/Singer/Saxophonist), lighting and production for one of the most epic weddings in my career. The energy in this video courtesy of LVL 13 Cinematography is absolutely insane and makes me want to dance, participate in a mosh pit and cry all at once. Congratulations to this awesome couple and thank you for making us a part of your day. 

Set the perfect mood at your wedding

Music is important. The overall vibe and feeling the guests feel at your wedding is absolutely paramount. A lot of times small (and large) details add to that vibe without anyone even noticing. This is why we do what we do. Pay attention to ALL details to create a complete event. 

Below are some examples of when lighting adds an important detail to your wedding day.

Photos c/o Starlight Studioz.

When dancing turns to crowd surfing

I see a lot of different kind of dancing when I DJ. Sometimes people do the hustle. Sometimes they twerk. And every once in a while they crowd surf. On a recent trip to Crystal Plaza in New Jersey with my favorite band T.I. Fusion, I witnessed all of the above including this awesome display of dancing (crowd surfing). Congratulations Kenny and Karina!!!