A Wedding Surrounded By Love and Beauty

Last week we had the pleasure of providing music for a wonderful, head over heels in love couple - Alina & Yuriy. When people are not afraid to share with their friends and family how much they love each other the atmosphere is simply incomparable. Of course the beautiful views of Manhattan right across the Hudson River couldn't hurt. Thank you!

Photo courtesy of THE ARTIST GROUP

Cocktails and Good Music are a perfect match

Nothing sets the mood quite like a good combination of atmospheric music, well made cocktails and a perfect setting. Music at cocktail hour should not be overlooked as it sets the perfect tone for the rest of the evening. I try to put a lot of thought behind the music for every cocktail reception taking into the account the venue, demographics of the guests and sometimes the season the event is held in. I put together a playlist that has a distinct fall feel. Below is a sample of the set. It's a great song by Quantic and Alice Russell, one of my favorite contemporary vocalists. Steam it below or go here to listen to the full playlist.