A Wedding Love Story That Takes Your Breath Away

I really have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with the kindest, most genuine people. Last August I had the pleasure of providing music and lighting at the wedding of Olga & Kiril in Long Island, NY. Lucent Video sent over their highlight reel that is absolutely beautiful.

Have a good holiday everyone!

A destination wedding close to home

If there’s something I can get behind it’s a destination wedding in the Catskills region of New York. A barn wedding completely surrounded by the beautiful mountains and immersed in the fresh upstate air makes everyone come alive. At the core of it all weddings are about celebrating love and this wedding at the Full Moon Resort was all about the love. Congrats Jennifer & Max!



NY Real Estate Brokers Love Good Music

It’s true. I found this out first hand after providing music at a recent open house at 67 Avenue C in downtown NYC.  I was able to provide a smooth deep house soundtrack to set a perfect vibe for a community of brokers to come together, chat and see the brand new building.

Photos c/o Nazar Kravets Photography.



An excellent idea

Adding small details to your wedding will certainly leave a huge impact. Often times it doesn’t have to be something super expensive. Consider this small addition of a blackboard and some cute details out of the couple’s romance. For more inspiration go to my pinterest board


Jamaica is For Lovers – A Destination Wedding Story

There’s something about a destination wedding that sets the mood just right. It’s quite possibly the beach, the beautiful weather or even the fact that you don’t have to worry about the traffic on the way home. Truthfully I think it’s two people coming together on the happiest day of their life. Without the usual distractions of small details, sometimes it’s easier to realize that at their core that’s what weddings are about. Two people in love, and their closest friends celebrating it. Thank you Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica and The Kats family for allowing us to celebrate with you. And a small thank you to the weather gods for not raining on the ceremony.


Your guide to your perfect first wedding dance

The first dance at your wedding is something you will never forget. The feeling and the energy of dancing with your partner for the first time stays with you forever. Without putting too much pressure on you, it’s important to select a song that matters. A song that you both love.

I created a resource of 300+ wedding dances that you can find on Spotify or by going to FINDYOURFIRSTDANCE.COM to help you with the selection process. Enjoy :)

Photo c/o Stregoica Photography


Nothing like a wedding in Brooklyn

If there’s something I can get behind is a wedding in a rustic setting in NY’s most fashionable borough. After an insane haul of gigs between Boston and Jamaica (more on that later), it was an absolute pleasure to be back in my hometown for the wedding of Lily and Felix. The wedding took place at the uber cool Brooklyn Winery  and had the most exquisite rustic setting.

The playlist for dinner and dancing certainly reflected that and I was super excited to be a part of such an awesome celebration. Few highlights below.



A modern wedding playlist to dance to

This past summer I had the honor of djing Mandy and Ivan’s wedding party at the iconic Downtown Association in New York. It was an emotional night filled with love, nostalgia and of course a non stop dance party. As a rare treat Ivan compiled some of the highlights from the evening in this 8Tracks playlist, that you can listen to by clicking here.


Happy Cover Thursday

Well here we are. It’s Thursday and you need something great to inspire your wedding planning process. This cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You is simply divine. Listen below.