I Love NY (music)

Nothing is more memorable than a song from a film. Especially if that film is the quintessential NY film with the beautiful city as the backdrop. Check out the maestro Henry Mancini’s title for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and pretend you are walking down 5th avenue a few decades ago.


Weddings by the Beach

I’m not saying that weddings on the beach are better. But it’s certainly even more enjoyable when it’s in a paradise like Riviera Maya in Mexico. Me and Irina Marks (my MC) had the pleasure of flying down to Mexico for 3 days to entertain a most wonderful audience for the wedding of Masha and Gene. Everything was incredible. From the setting to the energy of the crowd. Photos courtesy of Master Studio.






Weddings with Friends

I love being a part of weddings of close friends. It’s probably one of the best feelings to be a part of someone’s happiest day. It’s even more pleasurable to be a part of Igor and Regina’s wedding. Not only because it was in Puerto Rico. Although that didn’t hurt.






Wake Up With Me. Everyday.

Everyone has their morning routine. No matter how you take your coffee I would love to help you wake up with just a tad more positivity. Shuffle the songs to create even more surprises.

New Workout Mixtape. Coming Soon

Some time ago I motivated you to exercise with a 45 min mix of thumping beats. I have been working to put together a new one. Until it’s ready you can still pump some iron to the old mix below.

The First Dance

The first dance at your wedding is very important. It sets the tone for the rest of your event. It also allows you a rare moment alone at the reception with your wife or husband to be. Choose it wisely. Below are some suggestions in which direction to go